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Shiv Swami - In keeping with the traditions of Indian art, Shiv Swami uses time-honored methods and tools for this artwork. His original style is strongly influenced by the Mughal and Rajasthani traditions and is well known in the region for his detailed miniature paintings, which can be fully appreciated when seen through a magnifying glass. Shiv Swami primarily specializes in figurative and botanical subjects and has, on several occasions, been commissioned to paint large frescos in Bikaner. He has held exhibitions in Jaipur, Bikaner and Delhi, Italy, Germany, England, China and has recently been invited to do an exhibition in France. Many of his paintings have been featured in local and international magazines and artistic journals. Shiv also worked on Botanical Floral paintings for Famous Hollywood Actress Diana Ricks of U.K.

For two consecutive years (2002,2003) he has held the Guinness world record for the world's most smallest paintings.

Shiv Swami was born on 13th June 1977 at Bikaner (Rajasthan), India. Form the very beginning he has been blessed with an observant eye. He had keen interest in drawing figures and objects. After completing his First Class Diploma in Fine Arts, he undertook miniature art's study under the guidance of his grandfather and his father Sh. Devkishan Swami. He also underwent rigorous study on figurative art and Botanical Paintings with great artists like Mahaveer Swami and Raju Swami respectively.

Accolades for Shiv Swami :
Galleries :
2002 - District Master Craftsman Award National Crafts Museum
2003 - State Master Craftsman Award Bikaner Miniature Arts
2004 - Padam Shree Nizamu-Din-Usta Award  
2005 - State Master Craftsman Award  

Rajan Swami - Rajan is an aspiring artist with zeal to excel and learn all forms of paintings. He already posses a sound knowledge of photography, still life size paintings, 2D and 3D graphic illustrations, landscape paintings, creative compositions, rendering, nail paintings and paintings on rice.

Rajan holds a Bachelor's degree in fine arts and a Diploma in Traditional Rajasthani Art Forms.

Accolades for Rajan Swami :

2008 - Certification of Good Artist by National Art and Craft Society, New Delhi

2007 - Certification of Fabulous Work in Miniature Art by BMA

2006 - Certification of Excellence by Mona Art Gallery, Bikaner

Exhibitions :

Baba Art Society - Bikaner - 2008

Ajit Foundation - Bikaner - 2008

Mumkin Hai Art Programme - Jaipur - 2007

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